• The Kunming committee organizes local and global events to bring friends of Kunming together, hosting a traditional Chinese New Year Banquet every year and organizing other activities such as picnics and Autumn Moon Festivals in the City of Kunming Park.


  • The committee makes educational presentations as part of the City in Suitcase program.


  • Recently Kunming, Denver, and Nairobi were chosen to be collaborators on the Sino-African Initiative Grant awarded by Sister Cities International for a pilot project to address urban poverty in Africa through tri-lateral relationship building.   During 2013 the three cities, working together,  completed renovations at the Madaraka School in Nairobi, primarily adding flush toilets, and greatly enhancing the water supply to the school.


  • Sister Cities International selected Kunming and Denver to be recipients of the award for “Innovation” to be presented at the China-US Sister Cities International Conference in Washington, D.C. in March of 2014.

Last Flying Tiger recalls WWII experiences

DENVER, the United States, July 23 (Xinhua) — John Yee is considered the last living member of the legendary U.S. Flying Tigers. When he was 19, Yee was almost blown to bits by a bomb dropped from a Japanese fighter plane, but he survived.  read full article

Examiner.com article featuring John Yee.

 Wonderful video of Kunming put out by the Kunming Tourist Bureau.