• Many festivals and celebrations have been held in order to celebrate Mongolian culture within Denver.


  • Visits to Denver by Mongolia’s Prime Minister and then its President caused the recognition of this growing relationship to accelerate.


  • Both Mayoral and City Council visits from Ulaanbaatar are happening on an annual basis.


  • The Denver-Ulaanbaatar committee also sends a delegation from Denver to Ulaanbaatar annually.


  • Today, business is increasingly being conducted between these two cities and numerous Ulaanbaatar/Denver cultural, research, and foundation activities are being carried out.


  • The largest of the endeavors between the two cities is the exchange program. Under the Ulaanbaatar committee, four high schools began a series of exchanges that involved both students and teachers in U.S. and Mongolian communities in 2006.
    • Today, there are six high schools involved, three in the Ulaanbaatar area and three in the US.
    • Representing rural and urban areas, these high schools are situated on the Navajo Nation, Mandalgov, Ulaanbaatar, and Denver, CO.
    • The Luby-Jenkins School Pairing Program (named after Nancy Luby, former Chair of the Denver Sister Cities Ulaanbaatar committee, and Walt Jenkins) has brought together students and their teachers to learn through direct educational and personal experiences about different countries’ cultures and people.