Sister Cities Mongoldelegation 2012 Trip

This Mongolia and Ulaanbaatar Sister Cities 16-day trip is scheduled to depart August 30th.  Mongolia’s Honorary Consul in Denver, Jim Wagenlander, will again help plan and personally lead the trip.  Each year we organize a visit with Ulaanbaatar and Mongolia’s leadership as well as 4-Wheel across Mongolia’s vast, beautiful and sparsely populated countryside.

This year we gather in Seoul, Korea to fly into Mongolia.  There we meet with members of Mongolia’s political, business, arts and civic leadership.  Carrying on an established tradition, we join long time friends, and 4-Wheel to the Middle Gobi for a local mini-Naadam, an annual memorial ceremony and a party with herdsmen under the stars.  This is all at the base of a gobi sand dune at the rugged Uush Mankhan camp.   Then we drive through some incredibly desolate land to Mongolia’s premier eco-lodge, Three Camel Lodge, in the South Gobi to see some of the most famous sights of the Gobi.  We will fly back to UB so we can connect on a flight to western Mongolia traveling either to Bayan-Ulgii, land of the Altai Mountains, or to the Gobi-Altai.

We currently estimate delegation fees/cost, excluding the pacific flights and some of the meals, to be $5,000 to $6,500 per person.  Our delegations are small and this year we want to keep it to no more than 10-12 people.  As is our practice, there will be an opportunity for delegates to do some business or volunteer work while we are in Mongolia if they want.  Furthermore, if anyone desires wants to extend their stay in Mongolia or South Korea or travel on to China this can be easily arranged.

Time is of the essence.  So if you are interested in joining us, quickly both email the Sister Cities Committee at and call either Jim Wagenlander or his assistant Aza Altangerel at 303-832-6173 by the end of April.