Delegation Trip Mongolia: Ulaanbaatar, Middle & South Gobi and Alta Mountains

Ulaanbaatar-Denver Sister Cities Committee




(February 1, 2013)

The 2013 Ulaanbaatar Denver Sister City

Delegation Trip

Mongolia: Ulaanbaatar, Middle & South Gobi and Alta Mountains

The Ulaanbaatar Denver Sister Cities Committee (one of the ten Sister City Committees of Denver Sister Cities International, Inc.) is pleased to once again announce its popular annual Denver City delegation trip to Mongolia.

This August 22nd to September 6th trip will be the eleventh Sister Cities delegation to go to Mongolia since 2001.  Organizing and leading the trip is Mongolia Honorary Consul and Sister City Committee member Jim Wagenlander and his staff.  Also assisting in the trip is the Committee’s travel partner Nomadic Expeditions, one of the premium travel organizations in Mongolia.

Each year this trip is unique and the experiences are extraordinary.  2013 will be no exception.  Denver and Colorado have had a relationship with Mongolia for 25 years and Denver has been a Sister City of Mongolia’s capital city Ulaanbaatar for twelve years.  This year we will enter Mongolia from Hong Kong.  A number of meetings are scheduled in Ulaanbaatar with high ranking city, national government and business leaders.  However, a majority of time will be spent darting across Mongolia’s massive and sparsely occupied open lands.  In a 4wheel expeditionary convoy, delegates will explore the Middle and South Gobi and including stays at the foot of a sand dune and at one of the world’s best eco-lodges, Three Camel Lodge.  The group will also fly to Bayan Ulgii, in Mongolia’s far western Altai Mountains and, after jeeping high into the mountains, camp out with Kazak eagle hunters.

Participants will observe first hand the tremendous transformation occurring in Mongolia resulting from mining development, but for the most part their travel will be highlighted by encounters with traditional Mongolians.  They will be hosted at an intimate mountain top Buddhist ceremony, party with nomadic herdsmen under moonlit skies and celebrate a local mini Naadam on a wind swept mesa hundreds of miles from the nearest settlement.

Trip costs will be finalized shortly once the size of the delegation is determined.  However, it has been estimated that double occupancy, per person cost for this 15 day, 16 night trip will be somewhere between $5,500 to $6,500 (not counting airfare from the U.S. to and from Ulaanbaatar).  Additional customized Asian travel can be easily added on before or after Mongolia for those desiring a few more days or weeks of Asian travel.

Delegates are selected from a pool of interested individuals.  Though a majority of the participants will be from Denver, some will be selected from outside Denver and Colorado.  Interesting, experienced and compatible travelers are being sought and the delegation will be kept to a small size.  This trip is not a conventional tour but a mix of people to people diplomacy and adventure travel.

Anyone interested in being considered for the delegation is encouraged to contact as soon as possible the Honorary Consul of Mongolia’s office at 303-832-6173 or email Aza Altangerel at

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