A Message from Takayama Visitor…Tsukasa Koyama

I have spent wonderful time here in Denver.  That is because many people supported me to spend nice time here. I came here January 15th as City employee Oversea Dispatching program. I stayed in Denver until March 14th.

I have worked in various Departments and Divisions in the City Office such as Office of Economic Development, Landmarks Preservation, Human Rights & Community Partnerships and more. Many city officers here supported me greatly by explaining and showing basic their operation, reviewing it for me every day. Sometimes I feel sympathy with them who struggle from performing their tasks as a city officer, because I have had similar experiences in Japan.

Then I also realize that activities related Sister City have benefited me greatly since I came here directory and indirectly.

Of course my job include Sister Cities affairs, so I was able to join several meetings and other Sister Cities related events; meetings of Denver Sister Cities International, meetings of High school students dispatching program to Japan in April, Japan Sister City Meeting so on.  Through these events I learned learned lots of things about the history of relationship between Takayama and Denver, tremendous efforts by the members of Takayama-Denver Friendship Association, and an enthusiastic challenge to promote better relation among Sister City Committees in Denver as well as in State of Colorado by Denver Sister Cities International.

As for indirect benefits, my memory in Denver started with having kindness from young man, who home stayed at my house in Japan several years ago, coming to DIA to bring me to an apartment near Down town, enjoying rodeo show at International Stock Show with Tahverlee Dunlop, meeting people again who once home-stayed at my house before and having pleasant talk.

Anyway many parts of my stay in Denver became absolutely valuable and productive with people’s heartwarming kindness of Denver Sister Cities. So I don’t know how to express my thanks enough.  Thank you very much!