Sincerely Ethiopia

Experience the film, Sincerely Ethiopia,  September 29th, 5:30 PM, University of Denver, Lindsay Auditorium.  The price is $12 and it is a Fundraiser.   It is Hosted by Regis University and University of Denver Students for Africa.


” For decades Ethiopia has been widely publicized as a country with insurmountable hardships, extreme poverty, diseases, political instability and much more. These challenges we constantly were told would only be solved with immediate intervention from aid organizations or foreign governments. What we missed in these stories is the beauty and strength of the local people and diaspora who have been tackling these issues daily and on the ground.”


” Sincerely Ethiopia is an exciting new documentary that showcases the lives of ordinary people in Ethiopia who are addressing these challenges. HIV/Aids, homelessness, illiteracy, social issues and disabilities are some of the topics addressed in this film. This documentary will encompass everything from philanthropy, art, business, fashion, and healthcare as different avenues that are changing lives of countless Ethiopians. Our aim in this piece is to tell these stories and showcase the beauty of people overcoming odds to make a change in their country in this generation!”



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