2014 Delegation Trip to Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar-Denver Sister Cities Committee

(for August, 2014)


– Announcement –


ColoradoMongols, a.k.a. the Ulaanbaatar Denver Sister Cities Committee, is pleased to announce its 23rd Sister Cities Delegation Trip to Mongolia.  This extraordinary annual excursion immerses U.S. travelers into ancient and modern Mongolia with a unique mix of citizens’ diplomacy and countryside adventure.  This year delegates will meet Mongolia’s leadership in Ulaanbaatar and then bushwack in 4-wheel drive vehicles across Mongolia’s steppes, Gobi and Altai Mountains.  As always, delegation will be hosted by Mongolians with deep and warm relations with Colorado.


Everyone will travel to Mongolia’s Capital City Ulaanbaatar to explore this burgeoning metropolis where skyscrapers and tens of thousands of ger tents share the same landscape.  Delegates can then also choose one or both of our additional countryside adventures. The first option is to spend 4 days hiking in the remote Tavan Bogd


National Park near Mongolia’s borders with China and Kazakhstan and camping out with local eagle hunters.  The second option is an equally exciting, this time traveling the roadless countryside across Mongolia’s steppes and Gobi desert for a week.  This segment includes a local mini-Naadam, stays at ger camps next to spectacular sand dunes and a very comfortable respite at Mongolia’s best and most luxurious eco-ger camp: Three Camel Lodge.  There is separate pricing for each of these options.


– Dates –


Bayan Ulgii/Altai Mountains Camping Adventure.  Those choosing this expedition will arrive in Mongolia on August 6th and depart Mongolia on August 15th.


Steppes and Gobi Adventure.  Those choosing this expedition will arrive in Mongolia on August 11th and depart Mongolia on August 22nd.


Both Adventures.  Those choosing both countryside adventures will arrive in Mongolia on August 6th and return home on August 22nd.


Individuals interested in participating in the Delegation should immediately contact the Ulaanbaatar Denver Sister Cities Committee office at 303-832-6173, Jim Wagenlander’s cell 303-981-8274, or email aza.altangerel@wagenlander.com to express their formal interest.  The Committee will be glad to explain trip details and will also ask some brief background information about the interested travelers.  


– Cost –


Pricing is currently being finalized.  However the full trip package is currently estimated to be about $7,700.  The segment with only Bayan-Ulgii/Altai Mountains Adventure is estimated to be $5,000 and the segment with only the Steppes and Gobi Adventure is estimated to be $5,900.  This pricing does not include round trip airfare to and from Ulaanbaatar.