Axum: Committee

The Axum Committee meets every the second Wednesday of every month.

The long-term goals of DSCI in Axum are to improve the health and welfare of the citizens, through improved water and sanitation facilities, which in turn will help the City’s economy that is heavily dependent on the tourist industry. In 2010, we completed the PUR pilot program and latrine at the Hawelti Elementary School, initiated the sale of affordable water-purification packets in shops in the City, continued the pen-pal and City in a Suitcase programs, and recently facilitated the acquisition and shipment of a  septic tank truck. We furthered our Partnership with Metropolitan State University of Denver in improving facilities at the University in Axum and their construction of Gessesso School.   The Axum Committee is always in need of new members to volunteer their time and ideas to help meet these goals, and to participate in DSCI activities.

Chair: Chuck Kreiman

phone:  303-905-8867