Denver to Brest Student Exchange

Brest, France

Mar 14 – 28, 2024

Group size: 9 – 15

What's Included

  • Roundtrip Airfare
  • Ground transportation
  • Accommodations
  • Meals
  • Excursions
  • Homestay
  • Travelers Liability Insurance

About this trip

Established in 1948, our student exchange program has a long-standing tradition of providing students from the Denver, Colorado area with an immersive cultural experience in Brest, France.

Our primary goal is to give students the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in Breton culture through homestays with families who are part of the school community at La Croix Rouge Collège-Lycée in Brest. You will have the chance to explore the region of Brest and learn about traditional food, music, and a different way of life. This program is known to generate lifelong friendships, improve language skills, increase self-confidence, and expand worldviews.

Our hosting schools and families in Brest work together to provide a firsthand experience of day-to-day life in France. This is a unique opportunity to broaden your horizons and create memories that will last a lifetime.

As a participant in our program, you will act as a youth ambassador, representing the City of Denver while creating mutual understanding across the globe. Denver Sister Cities International has an official diplomatic sister city relationship with Brest, as well as nine other cities, and we are proud to continue this legacy of international exchange.

Please note that space is limited to 15 students, and applications will be open until January 15th, 2024. The total trip cost is $3,500 per student, and scholarship applications are available for those in need.

Application due: Jan 15, 2024

3,500 (scholarships available)


Warm Welcome to Brest: Picnic on School Grounds!

Experience the warm hospitality of Brest host students and families as you arrive at Brest (Guipavas) Airport. You will be transported to La Croix Rouge school, where you will attend the remainder of the school day alongside your French peers.

After school, join your new friends, host families, and school team for a delightful picnic on the school grounds. This is a great opportunity to get to know your host families and fellow exchange students. Get ready for an unforgettable cultural exchange!

Breton Adventure Awaits: Weekend Immersion with Host Families

Spend the weekend with your welcoming host family in Brest and immerse yourself in local culture. Enjoy exciting activities and local attractions while making lifelong memories and new friendships.

Discovering the Hidden Gems of Brest: A Thrilling Treasure Hunt

Get ready to embark on an exciting adventure through the vibrant city of Brest! American students will set out from Rue de Denver on a thrilling “treasure hunt” activity, exploring the city’s hidden gems and uncovering its fascinating history.

As part of the adventure, enjoy a guided visit to the Residence of Sadi Carnot and/or the Fort Montbary, where you will learn about the rich cultural heritage of this historic city. After a day of adventure, return to La Croix Rouge school and reconnect with your host students in front of the library.

Coastal France: Enchanting Mont St. Michel and St. Malo Day Trip

Explore the wonders of Mont St. Michel and St. Malo on a day trip from Brest! Join your fellow American students and chaperones at La Croix Rouge and board a comfortable bus for an adventure-packed journey.

Discover the magical village and Abbey of Mont St. Michel on a guided tour, surrounded by stunning landscapes and steeped in history. Then, head to the charming coastal town of St. Malo and enjoy free time to explore its ancient walls, picturesque harbor, and bustling streets.

Denver Youth Ambassadors Take Center Stage at the Mayor’s Office

Get ready for a day full of excitement and cultural exchange at La Croix Rouge school in Brest! You’ll start off diving into sports activities with your Brest host students.

In the afternoon, prepare for an official reception at the Mayor’s Office, where all exchange students, chaperones, and families will gather for a grand welcome. Enjoy light refreshments and take plenty of photos to commemorate this unforgettable experience.

Discovering Quimper and Concarneau: A Cultural Excursion

American and French host students are in for a treat with an excursion to the traditional city of Quimper and Concarneau! The picturesque towns boast rich history and breathtaking scenery, providing the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable day trip.

A Day of French School and Explore Landerneau

Discover the French education system and make lasting connections with local students by attending classes at La Croix Rouge school in Brest! Afterward, hop on a train to Landerneau for an afternoon visit to explore the charming town built on a bridge and soak up its rich history and picturesque scenery. This is an excellent opportunity to experience French culture, create meaningful connections, and gain a unique perspective on the education system in France.

Weekend of Adventure and Friendship

Spend an exciting and enjoyable weekend with your host family in Brest. Take part in leisurely activities and visit local attractions while immersing yourself in the local culture.

Au Revoir Brest: A Flight to Paris to Continue Your Adventure

Bid adieu to your cherished host family and newfound friends in Brest as you embark on your journey to Paris. Make your way to Brest (Guivapas) airport, where you will take a flight to the capital of France.

Discover Paris: Eiffel Tower & Opera Night Out

Experience the beauty and grandeur of Paris as you embark on a journey to visit the iconic Eiffel Tower and soak in its breathtaking views. As the day winds down, prepare to be enchanted by the elegant and awe-inspiring art form of an opera in the evening. This is a fantastic opportunity to experience the history of Paris.

Sacré-Cœur Scenic Views and Goodbye Dinner

Experience the best of Paris on your last day as you explore the stunning Sacré-Cœur Basilica. Enjoy breathtaking views of Paris followed by a french lunch. A closing dinner that will mark the end of your incredible trip to France.

Au revoir, France! Fly from Paris to Denver

Fly from Paris to Denver, reflecting on the unforgettable memories and experiences gained during your trip. Don’t miss out on the chance to relive the magic of France long after you’ve returned home.



What is the main purpose of the Denver-Brest Sister City student exchange program?

The primary goal of the exchange program is to immerse students from Denver in Breton culture through homestays, providing a firsthand experience of life in Brest, France, enhancing language skills, creating lifelong friendships, and broadening worldviews.

Who is eligible to apply for the exchange program?

High school students (freshman, sophomores, juniors, or seniors at the time of the trip) from the Denver area who have a valid passport and permission from a legal guardian or parent can apply. A teacher recommendation letter is suggested.

How will the participants be selected?

Selection is highly competitive, based on both interest and experience in the program’s focus areas. The Brest-Denver Sister City Committee reserves the right to select participants who will most benefit from the program.

When will the selected participants be notified?

The Brest-Denver Sister City Committee will notify selected participants by mid-December 2023.

What will the living arrangements be like in Brest?

Students will stay with host families from the school community at La Croix Rouge Collège-Lycée in Brest, experiencing day-to-day life in a French home and participating in various cultural and educational activities.

What documentation do I need for travel?

Participants must have a valid passport or the necessary residency documentation that allows them to leave and return to the U.S.

Student Exchange Application